This is a modular handheld console that can be configured as a diver target detection sonar and GPS underwater navigation aid. Primarily developed for use by EOD mine clearance divers, Artemis helps to quickly and safely relocate items of ordnance on the seabed in all states of visibility or when conducting night diving operations. Typical uses are search & relocation of... - Unexploded ordnance by navy mine clearance divers, commercial EOD divers, etc. - Seabed infrastructure within the offshore oil & gas environment (e.g. pipelines, well heads, structures). - Missing persons, lost property, vehicles, aircraft, wrecks by police or search & rescue divers. - Seabed/lakebed antiquities by marine biologists, archaeologists, sports divers, etc. Including the following: - Diver Hand Held Sonar and Console - GPS Skid (complete with 40m of cable and GPS receiver buoy) - 1 Battery Pack - Battery Charger - Manuals - Software - USB Lead - Peli Transit Case Please download pdf for much more information