• LARS Lite
  • Wetbell system

The Cougar-XT Compact ROV LARS is built on a solid frame of high quality 316L stainless steel. It's even possible to safely store your ROV inside the LARS. <b>Fassi Crane:</b> - specially designed for use on sea. with special coating and high quality stainless steel. <b>Fassi Crane Specifications</b> Lifting capacity 3,05 tm Standard range 4,7 m Hydraulic movement 3,2 m Swivel 325 degrees Slewing torque 3,4 kNm Working pressure 18 MPa Pump capacity 8 l/min Oiltank capacityl 15 l Crane weight 260 kg <b>ROV data cable winch: capacity of 400mtr (17mm cable)</b> - Slipring construction - 350 mtr tether (17mm cable) for ROV - Guidewire <b>Winch:</b> - 30 mtr steel cable <b>11 kW Hydraulic unit which drives the following:</b> - Fassi Crane - ROV tether winch - Winch <b>Frame:</b> - High quality 316L stainless steel - lockable (it's possible to safely store the ROV) - 10ft container anchorages - bead blasted - Contra ballast tank with 600 litre capacity - Forklift connections - Lifting eyes - Transport cable collector (for cable between ROV LARS and Control room) - 2 x 500 watt halogen lights - One way communication (speaker) - Video surveillance - Size L: 3mtr W: 2,5mtr H: 2,5mtr (10 ft container size) Of course other configurations are possible.