POMMEC 2 DIVER HOTWATER MACHINE - DIESEL This unit is a very strong and versatile machine, which has two independant heaters for the diver's supply. Standard Unit Specifications/features; - Extensive use of high grade Stainless Steel - Special transport safety cover made of high grade Stainless Steel - Enough power to supply two diver's - Two independant heaters - 'cross over' between the different lines so that at all circumstances all divers will have hotwater - Can run on Fresh water or Seawater - Shipping Weight: 675 kg. - Length-Height-Width; 1400*850*1480 mm. - Power Requirements; 230V 50HZ 16A. - Diesel Heater (burner); 120 bar 94 KW. - Output Pressure and flow capacity depends on output inlet-pump - Burner Cover