• Lotus dual
  • TP08 Trash Pump
  • HD 32
  • Cox Gun

Favorite detector for divers around the world because of its ability to ignore salt water, the electronic housing can be mounted on the hip or above, below or under the cuff in either short or long configuration. Comes complete with submersible headphone.... Features: - Circuit type: Pulse Induction technology for automatic cancellation of salt/ground mineralization - Audio Threshold, Adjustable: adjust to user's preference - User-adjustable Discrimination/Elimination - Hip Mount Belt/Pouch: reduces detector weight for long searches - Discrimination Modes: Two operating modes (Standard or Discrete) offer varying levels of non-ferrous target discrimination. * Discrete Trash Elimination: use to eliminate most pull tabs and foil without signficantly degrading sensitivity for rings and coins. * Standard Trash Elimination: provides the deepest possible detection; allows a very slow searchcoil sweep in areas with little trash. - Independently sealed battery compartment - Search Mode: Non-Motion All Metal Deepseeking Mode with Full Range PI discrimination