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  • Hotwatersuit NDiver

N-DIVER HOTWATERSUIT The suit is based around a unique heavy anodized aluminium water distribution valve, with its unique 360 degree stainless steel quick-connector. The water flows along an anti-kink rubber pipe profile, designed by, and unique to, NDiver. The arms and legs can be trimmed to length and the pipe passed backwards through the ladder hole adjusters. There is the facility on the pipe, for the front chest and back neck, to take a hot water feed to the mask to heat the faceplate. The shell body is constructed from high grade non-shrink neoprene with a high rubber solids content, lined on the outside with a durable Swiss pique canvas fabric. Suit Features - Polymer reinforced knee and shin pads. This and the adjacent polymer reinforced embossing which circles the legs in the calf area is ideal for duct taping boots or socks to the suit. - 2 deep pockets with drain holes and equipment attachment eyelets. On the right pocket is a small safety knife (80mm blade) in a webbing sheath with bungie cord retaining lanyard. - Suit closure is by a heavy-duty Vislon YKK zip, 6 teeth to the inch. - Wrap-over neoprene neck with fleece lining. - Velcro attached name patch for suit identification (2 supplied with suit). - Neoprene shoulder epaulettes – can be used as shoulder harness retainers (prevents harness slipping off the shoulders). - Light reflective strips on upper arms. - Plastic embossed elbow area which continues round the arm, which is ideal for duct taping gloves to the suit. - Wrist area has two pieces of diagonal velcro for glove attachment. Complete set is consisting of the Hotwatersuit, Thermal skin undergarment, Hotwater boots & Gauntlet gloves * Available in different sizes: S, M, ML, MT, L, LT, XL, XLT, XXL, XXLT and XXXL