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Pommec moves into ROV world

After already being assigned as official supplier of Seabotix ROV’s in 2010, we are very proud to announce that Pommec is now also teaming up with Seaeye.

At the very end of 2010, one of our well respected customer D.E.C.O. (Diving Engineering & Consultancy Office) signed for a Cougar-XT Compact ROV system. Seaeye delivers the two specially designed Cougar-XT compact ROV’s. Pommec designs the ROV LARS and the containerized control room. This system will be capable to withstand even the toughest seas.

The Cougar-XT Compact is a redesign from the very reliable Cougar-XT but weighs less and is smaller in size. With Four vectored horizontal and two vertical brushless SM7 500 Volt DC thrusters it’s capable to withstand strong currents. It will be equipped with 3 camera’s, sonar, tracking system and don’t forget the hydraulic manipulator.

Of course there is more to it then the ROV itself. To make sure that the launch of these Cougars will go easily Pommec will design and built a ROV LARS which launches the Cougars. The ROV LARS will be very compact, hydraulic powered with an electric motor driven power pack and integrated winch.

Also the heart of this system will be designed and built by Pommec. A 20 ft container divided in two compartments; one for the Cougars itself and the other will be the control room. The compartment for the Cougars will contain the Cougars, spare parts, power supplies, workbench, wardrobe and a winch. With several monitors and control panels; the control room will have full control over the Cougars. With this system D.E.C.O. will be able to make full advance of the ROV’s.

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