About us

Hytech-Pommec is a leading European manufacturer and worldwide supplier of commercial diving equipment. We provide a wide range of products, from consumables to entire Dive-Spreads. Manufacturing standard and custom built dive systems combined with our long experience as distributor for all the leading brands in the industry gives us the possibilities to bring the job to an end, successfully and safely.

Clients come to us for standard consumables and commercial diving equipment. But also when they need a specific, custom-made system, like Launch and Recovery systems or a containerized decompression chamber. Pommec advises on all necessary requirements. We handle quality control, technology, electrics, hydraulics, welding and logistics. All manufactured at our own premises in the Netherlands to keep control of quality and traceability.

Customers all have their own specific demands, but we also ensure that our systems follow all international safety requirements. In addition, we always make sure that our products evolve. This is done by using the latest technologies, making logical design choices and listening to our customers’ needs.

You may encounter our equipment and installations in Vietnam, Mexico, the UK, South Korea and many other places. In all these locations, diving professionals need high quality equipment that is reliable and designed to meet all kind of offshore, marine and underwater situations.

Hytech-Pommec stays competitive and leading, both nationally and internationally by producing systems made of high quality products. We realize fast delivery times worldwide, we provide support on location and we continuously improve our production facilities and our products. In the end, Pommec’s complete range of services is best described by just three words: care for detail.