Bulletin #14 of 2020 New Product Bulletin

  • 24 November, 2020

Bulletin #14 of 2020. November 24, 2020
New Product Bulletin
P/N 825-050 Earphone Pocket Kit

Products Affected: P/N 805-175 M-48 MOD-1 and P/N 805-010 M-48 SuperMask P/N 815-060 Communication Assembly SuperMask/MOD-1

P/N 825-050 Earphone Pocket kit is now available. These earphone pockets are needed when using our P/N 815-060 communication assembly when the M-48 MOD-1 hood is not installed.

Earphone Pocket, left, and earphone pocket installed on an M-48 SuperMask (sold separately), right.

The kit comes with two neoprene ear pockets that capture the earphones with open loops found on the top and bottom of the pockets. The mask straps are threaded through the loops which allow adjustments in positioning the earphones to the diver’s ears.