New Product Bulletin Kirby Morgan Diamond – Bulletin #2 of 2020. January 31, 2020

  • 31 January, 2020

Products Affected:
Kirby MorganĀ® Diamond, P/N 500-710 with posts and P/N 500-711 with MWPC.

With years of laboratory research and design, coupled with thousands of hours in active saturation operations, Kirby Morgan is proud to announce the release of the Kirby Morgan Diamond.

The Kirby Morgan Diamond is the next modular variation in the Kirby Morgan stainless steel helmet product line and specially designed to be part of a Surface Exhaust Venting OR Saturation Mixed Gas Recovery System.

Titanium is used in many of the main components, this ensures the helmet weight and balance remain precise and provide a very high level of strength and corrosion resistance.

This helmet can effortlessly operate in either Surface Return or Open Circuit Dive Mode by turning the control handle found on the Surface Bypass Valve. While many other features of the Kirby Morgan Diamond are unique to this type of surface return helmet it is the pioneering modular design that allows for rapid removal and installation of its main components that both technicians and divers will find most beneficial.

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